I am not sure how you found this page but I'm sure glad you're here. I've operated this site for quite some time and over the years I've changed my digital careers quite a few times, as most high end tech guys do ...


I am a SEO & Social Media Management Technician. This is my playground where I practice being awesome.

I design and operate several different Social Media Networks. This is my personal one where I post all my material that I share throughout the different networks. My largest Network is the Ya-Native Social Media Network.

The Ya-Native Network has turned into an International renown online entity that has unlimited potential to advertise and promote the Native American Cultures like never before. The facebook presences alone is impressive. The Native Americans facebook fan page alone documents over 8 million weekly viewers. In the month of December 2013, this page documented over 38 million views. It also has powerful presences in linkedin, myspace, youtube and many more social sites. is my personal spot on the web where I post a variety of things that may interest you. Anything that catches my attention or if I plan to research it at a later time, I'll post it here. This site acts as my central hub for my personal Social Media Network. It's designed to post material that would otherwise be lost in the great World Wide Web. Please feel free to look around and don't forget to like and share so others can enjoy.


If you are interested in hiring an SEO/Social Media Management Technician or you can learn more about what I can do for you @


I plan to share everything through Social Media, for instance, I will post a link to online web spaces to share pictures and videos. This all takes much time so please keep checking back when ever you can to see what's new around here. Currently, I have over 27 000 images, 1000 videos, 8000 pdf's and a lot more digital material that you'll find interesting. My goal is to share it all through social media.

Thanks for being you.


I have much to share and this is where I share it!

Project Pit

I have a wide range of skills and I enjoy different projects.

The Ya-Native Network is the largest Social Media network dedicated to Native Americans ... Here's 5 Native American facebook pages that I operate. The network is also present on Twitter, linkedin, youtube, myspace, wordpress and many more. This network averages 2 million visitors per week with the best week of over 11 million visitors. The following page is the most popular one.

My finest client. Transport specialist, Full Crane Services, Wood Crates Construction and a multitude of corporate services available. This network is also found on Twitter, myspace, linkedin, youtube and a few more ...

Leonard Peltier Support Group is the largest operating support group for Leonard Peltier. I recently I just added the website. I am not sure why I did this. All I get is negative response from most and it is costing me an arm and a leg not to mention my time away from my family ... I am hoping for some sort of guidance from above. This network can also be found on facebook, youtube, gspace, twitter and wordpress. I feel defeated in a battle that only I can win, prove me wrong.

It was planned to be the largest Social Media Network for the Real Estate Market on Southern Vancouver Island. And it will be. Currently this network is also present on Twitter, wordpress, linkedin, youtube

Here's my professional networking page. I intent to add many tools and resources that I use with my everyday Social Networking operations. Eventually I plan to build a network for my home to that will encompass multiple projects that I am working on. This will provide me with a Social Media advantage.


Likes and Shares

I would like to build this into a very popular facebook but it is going to take some time. First I will secure a domain name and then the fun begins...



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Specialised Transport Services & Crate Services. We are located in Sidney, BC., Canada. We are also the only local crane service. Our expertise also include property and project management.


Please boycott the following facebook page:

The Great Spirit Wakan Tanka


The people operating the facebook site above are horrible human beings. They are eliminating facebook pages that are operated by Native Americans. They're pretending to be Lakota. I intend to reveal all.

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The posers of the Great Spirit Wakan Tanka